Charlie and His Escapades

In honor of the newly-adapted version of the books, I highly recommend the books Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. If you have read them, then you definitely know what I'm talking about; if not, then you better find yourselves a copy of both books. I grew up reading those books, and every couple years or so I go back and read them again. They're timeless classics, in my... book, as it were.

We all know, thanks to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, what happens when five children find Golden Tickets in their Wonka's candy bars. However, if you have not seen Burton's adaptation on the story, then you have truly missed out. Willy Wonka only skims the surface of the story. Did you know that Wonka found the Oompa Loompas, personally, in Loompaland? And did you know that Wonka was once under the employ of an Indian prince to build him a castle made entirely out of chocolate? Well, my friends, those things and more are what you're missing by not having read the book behind a very popular movie.

Charlie and the Great Glad Elevator continues where Chocolate Factory leaves off. However, thanks to the movies, we get two different, not at all like the book, endings.

On their way back to the factory, Wonka shoots himself and the entire Bucket family - with grandparents in bed, in tow - into outer space... and get stuck out there. While out in space, they encounter the Vermicious Knids, as well as the US President who acts like he's five and has his nanny working under governmental employ.

Trust me, if you haven't read these books, you're missing out. These two books should be classified with the likes of Lord of the Rings and such. That's my personal opinion, at least.
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Name: Gwen
Age: 15
Sex: female
Sexual Orientation: straight
Sexual Status: single

Books: Pride and Prejudice, Wicked, Mort, The Crucible (a play, but still fabulous), Tom Sawyer (this changes frequently)
Bands: Big Soul, Weezer, Green Day, Alkaline Trio, ...can't think of more right now (I like soloists more - Ella Fitzgerald, Louis armstrong, Tom Waits).
Movies: Some like it Hot, Ed Wood, Pride and Prejudice (BBC version), Plan 9 from Outer Space, Amadeus.
Shows: Don't really watch that much TV...occasionally South Park.
Foods: Indian, Italian, Chinese, Sushi, anything my mom makes (she grew up in India and Italy...mmmm).
Hotties: hmm...there's lots, can't really choose right now, too early in the morning.

Author(s): Jane Austen, Terry Pratchett, Gregory Maguire (there's many more)
Actor/Actress: currently (this changes frequently too) it's Jennifer Ehle.

Religion: I just finished reading The Crucible, so I'm avoiding most forms of organized religion. I'm an atheist, but I still feel you must respect everyone's beliefs, no matter how much you disagree with them (this does not always apply for politics).
Gay marriage: I think it's a form of prejudice, and have many good friends that are openly gay (I live in San Francisco). If they love each other, what's the problem? Besdies, it's not your business to tell people who to marry.
Abortion: It's a woman's body, and she should be able to make the desicions about it, not the politicians (who are mostly male).
Bush: I disagree with him in almost every issue: global warming, gay marraige, abortion, stem cell research, oil drilling (Alaska), and all international politics.
Iraq war: I think it was pointless, and had no justification whatsoever. Our reason for being there began as an issue of safety for the American public (which is completely ridiculous), and slowly morphed into "liberating Iraq" (ya right, and now they hate us even more). However, now that we're in there, we can't just draw our troops out, leaving it in a complete mess.
Drugs: It's completely okay for medical purposes, but I'm going to say no otherwise. The biggest problem is that they're addicting, so once people start using them they're stuck.

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Who reads books by Jasper Fforde? Do you have any recommendations for authors whose styles are like his?

(I got one, Robert Rankin, so I bought The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse - because any book with a name like that has to be good)

So I want Jasper Fforde-ish authors, or even just books.
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Yes I know it's late, but I hope it's NOT TOO LATE.


Name:Layla-Tal Medina
Sexual Orientation:straight, oh so straight.
Sexual Status:never been kissed, never been touched, never been screwed. Get it?


1.The Shell Seekers Rosamunde Pilcher
2.Behind The Scenes of A Museum Kate Atkinson
3.Career Girls Louise Bagshawe
4.The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson Burnett
5.Cat's Eye Margaret Atwood


1. Starsailor
2. Coldplay
3. The White Stripes
4. Radiohead
5. Audioslave
Movies:I rarely watch Hollywood drivel.

1. The OC
2. Anything you can see in Discovery Channel, MTV
Foods:The, chocolate ice cream, Danish brie cheese, and blueberry cheese cake.
Hotties:erm, there's one hottie in my life, and he's no silver screen star. Sorry, can't put it here.

Author:Margaret Atwood, but I only have one of her stuff. How lame can that be?
Actor/Actress:Katie Holmes

Religion:I'm a Christian. It's a hard journey, but I'm getting along with a lot of struggles. Find anything wrong with that? Sue me.
Gay marriage:Basically, marriage among gays is an aberration. But if it makes them happy...well...screw convention. It doesn't mean I tolerate it, though.
Abortion:If you abort, it's almost like homicide.
Bush:Many people, especially world leaders, even the best of them, make unpopular decisions. It doesn't make them bad people. Bush is among them.
Iraq war:I can't say I don't care. But sometimes, I DON'T WANT TO CARE. Why do people want to start a war? It's very dumb...
Drugs:No. Only medications. There's huge difference, right?
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does anyone have any recommendations for books to read? i am done reading the required books for the rest of the year, and now i want to read books for my own pleasure. to let you know, i like every genre of books except science fiction so if anyone could recommend any books, that'd be great. i need to tide myself over until next year's required books so if you have more than one to recommend, that's fine too.

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If there is anyone in this community - though I know there is virtually no one at this point - who is smart and has interesting views on anything, I want to talk to you. Obviously, I can't in person and I don't have, or if you post random things like that on your lj, can I be added please? I am running low on intelligent people to talk to.

wouldn't zookazookabubblegum be an awesome lj name if it weren't so long?
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